Plywood is produced from sheets of rotary cut veneer, three or more sheets (layers), rotated at 90° and glued to each other with phenolic or melanin adhesives, which gives additional strength to the panels. Because of the way the sheets are glued together, bending the plywood is extremely difficult. Depending on what kind of veneer is used, the qualities of the plywood are different.

Furniture plywood isn’t just an alternative to traditional materials – it’s a symbol of modernity, functionality and aesthetic versatility that transforms spaces by creating warm and inviting atmospheres. Consumers are looking for products that are beautiful to look at but also meet high standards of quality and sustainability – furniture plywood stands out as the ideal solution.

Innovation and sustainability – the essence of furniture plywood

At the heart of the furniture plywood revolution lies its ability to combine innovation with sustainability. Manufactured from carefully selected layers of wood that are pressed and glued together, this material offers exceptional strength and durability, making it ideal for the manufacture of all kinds of furniture from kitchen cabinets to office desks. The use of environmentally friendly adhesives and technologies in the manufacturing process further emphasises the commitment to sustainability and environmental care.

Why choose furniture plywood?

Choosing furniture plywood for your home or office isn’t just a fashion trend – it’s an investment in quality, durability and environmental responsibility. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits:

  • durability and strength – thanks to its structure, plywood is extremely resistant to physical wear and tear, ensuring that your furniture will stand the test of time;
  • aesthetic versatility – furniture plywood offers a wide range of finishing and processing options, allowing the creation of unique and customised interior solutions;
  • environmental responsibility – by choosing plywood furniture, you are supporting sustainable forestry and manufacturing practices that contribute to the preservation of our planet.

Variety of applications

Furniture plywood finds application in any room of the home or office. It can be used to make kitchen cabinets that are not only beautiful to look at, but also extremely functional. In the bedroom, plywood can be transformed into elegant wardrobes with customized layouts, while in the living room, it can become the basis for modern dressers, sectionals and bookshelves.

Personalisation and style

One of the most real qualities of the mebelesplat is its ability to adapt to any designer ideas and styles. Thanks to the variety of finishes and treatments, this material can acquire a look that suits individual preferences and fits perfectly into any space. From classic to modern, minimalist to ornate interiors, furniture plywood offers endless possibilities for customisation.

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