Chipboard panels

Chipboard panels

Particle board, or chipboard for short, is a board made of machine-ground wood particles of different sizes, pressed and bonded with a special type of resin. Chipboard can be used as a raw board or covered with wood veneers, melamine decorative papers or foils.

In chipboard, the density is lower than that of MDF and HDF in order to lower the price and weight. The advantages of chipboard are that it offers a wide range of colors and veneers, is denser and more uniform than conventional wood and plywood, and is one of the cheapest materials for furniture production. Chipboard is not a suitable material for wet rooms, because it has a low moisture resistance.

Plastfurnir offers chipboard with thicknesses of 15-25 mm and sizes 2800/2070 and 3050/1830 mm.

Raw chipboard

Welcome to the world of Raw Particleboard – the place where your interior and furniture ideas find their perfect foundation. In the exciting world of home and office interiors, raw particleboard has established itself as the material of choice for many projects. Distinguished by its remarkable characteristics, it offers the ideal combination of strength, versatility and cost, making it an indispensable component in the creation of furniture and interior solutions.

What is particleboard and why choose raw particleboard?

Particleboard, or more commonly known as Particle Board, is a material produced by pressing wood particles with glue and heat. This technology allows the production of strong and durable boards that are highly suitable for the furniture industry. Raw particleboard, unlike laminated particleboard, is a substrate that can be further processed and customised, providing limitless design and application possibilities.

Advantages of raw chipboard

Resistance and strength

One of the key advantages of raw particleboard is its strength. The material is capable of withstanding high loads, making it ideal for making furniture such as tables, cabinets and shelves.

Flexibility in design

Thanks to its smooth and even surface, particleboard offers exceptional design flexibility. It can be easily cut, painted, varnished or foil coated to meet all your aesthetic and functional requirements.

Environmental friendliness

Using raw particleboard is also a step towards protecting the environment. Its production allows the efficient use of wood waste, reducing the need to cut down new trees and reducing waste.

Application of raw chipboard in the interior

Furniture to order

Raw particleboard is the ideal choice for custom furniture. Thanks to its properties, it allows the creation of unique furniture that fits your exact dimensions, style and functionality.

Creative projects and DIY

For lovers of DIY projects, raw particleboard provides an outlet for creativity. Whether it’s decorative items, toys or even artistic installations, particleboard is an excellent material for experimentation.

Office furniture

In office spaces where functionality and aesthetics must go hand in hand, particleboard performs excellently. It allows the creation of ergonomic and stylish office furniture that can be easily adapted to the changing needs of the workplace.


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