Chipboard panels

Chipboard panels

Particle board, or chipboard for short, is a board made of machine-ground wood particles of different sizes, pressed and bonded with a special type of resin. Chipboard can be used as a raw board or covered with wood veneers, melamine decorative papers or foils.

In chipboard, the density is lower than that of MDF and HDF in order to lower the price and weight. The advantages of chipboard are that it offers a wide range of colors and veneers, is denser and more uniform than conventional wood and plywood, and is one of the cheapest materials for furniture production. Chipboard is not a suitable material for wet rooms, because it has a low moisture resistance.

Plastfurnir offers chipboard with thicknesses of 15-25 mm and sizes 2800/2070 and 3050/1830 mm.

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