MDF panels

MDF panels

MDF(medium-density fibreboard) is produced by pressing small wood particles under high pressure and temperature. Wood particles are obtained by shredding hard, soft or waste wood. Urea resin and melamine are added to them as a binder. From the upcoming mass, different sized boards are formed at high temperature and pressing. The result is stronger and denser product than normal particle board.

Standard MDF is widely used in the construction and furniture industries. With excellent surface features and consistent quality – its reputation is second to none.

Plastfurnir Ltd offers MDF panels with thicknesses of 2.7-30 mm and sizes 2800/2070; 3050/1850; 2100-1830 etc.

В търсене сте на идеалното решение за вашите интериорни проекти? Суровият и фурнированият МДФ предлагат революционен подход към съвременните дизайнерски желания. Благодарение на своята гъвкавост, устойчивост и естетическа привлекателност, тези материали са превърнали представата за модерно обзавеждане във вълнуващо творческо пътуване.

Raw MDF: The untreated foundation for your imagination

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is an extremely versatile material made from wood fibres mixed with resins and waxes that are pressed under high pressure. This technology not only ensures the impressive strength and density of the material, but also gives it a smooth surface ideal for applying paint, varnish or other coatings. Raw MDF is the perfect choice for those looking for a quality base for their individual design projects, from furniture and doors to decorative elements and wall panels.

Why choose raw MDF?

  • High durability – its ability to withstand everyday use without visible signs of wear makes it ideal for the home or office;
  • easy to process – it can be cut, painted or varnished in any way to suit your specifications and preferences;
  • environmentally friendly – manufactured from recycled wood materials, raw MDF is a step forward to a greener future.

Veneered MDF: The fusion of nature and technology

Veneered MDF brings with it all the advantages of raw MDF, but adds an exclusive aesthetic aspect – a thin layer of natural wood veneer. This combination enriches the material not only with the beauty and warmth of real wood, but also with unique textures and colours that add a unique character to each piece. Veneered MDF is ideal for creating high quality furniture and interior details that you want to stand out with their sophistication and style.

Advantages of MDF veneering

  • natural beauty – natural veneer gives the products a look that cannot be achieved with artificial materials;
  • durability and ease of maintenance – veneered MDF combines the strength of MDF with the ease of maintenance of veneer;
  • Variability in design – the richness of veneer types and shades allows the realisation of unique design ideas.

Applications in the interior

These two types of MDF materials open up countless possibilities for creative expression in interior design. From fine furniture and kitchen worktops to elegant flooring and wall cladding, raw and veneered MDF can transform any space, giving it uniqueness, style and comfort. The use of MDF materials is particularly suitable for projects where the perfect balance between quality, aesthetics and budget is sought.

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